How to buy a ruby

Spectacular specimens like the Sunrise Ruby (weighing 25 carats and selling for 30 million US dollars) have even exceeded $1,000,000 dollars a carat USD. The last part of durability is about the stability of the stone, meaning how much things like light, temperatures changes, and chemicals affect it. Rubies do not react much to light, changes in temperature, and various chemicals.

Not only is a loose ruby from James Allen affordable, but they offer complete transparency. Each collection is curated to bring you the best of Ritani’s craftsmanship. Mozambique rubies were discovered in 2009 and have quickly become one of the best ruby sources. The rubies from this mine are very fine and beautiful, comparable to even the Burmese rubies.

Stone Sizes

Burmese warriors wore rubies next to their skin to make them invincible in battle. Online prices are also almost always more competitive than in-store. Ensure that you purchase from a retailer that has excellent after-sales policies, especially a good returns policy. For centuries, rubies have been thought to possess great properties of power and energy. They are said to give the wearer a zest for life and fill them with passion and love. While most inclusions are generally seen as negative, there is one exception when it comes to rubies.

How to buy a ruby

Because Burmese rubies aren’t really in abundance like diamonds are in mines, they can’t really be labeled a conflict gemstone. But if it really concerns you, a place like Brilliant Earth that sells lab created rubies might be up your alley. Or even natural ones that tell you which country they come from.

In lower qualities and smaller sizes, heat treated stones sell for roughly the same as untreated stones of the same quality. However, for finer qualities, untreated stones fetch a premium that is sometimes 50% or more when compared with treated stones of similar quality. Other treatments, such as oiling, dying and surface diffusion are seen on occasion. As with all precious stones, it is a good practice to have major purchases tested by a reputable gem lab, such as the GIA or AGTA, to determine if a gem is enhanced.

Common inclusions in rubies

You can view the rubies under a 360˚ viewer, but lab gemstones usually don’t have obvious inclusions anyway. Once you’ve selected your ruby, you can choose from over 200 ring settings to accompany it. I love that they actually show what a ruby looks like in each setting.

How to buy a ruby

They have hundreds of loose rubies of varying color hues, tones, and saturations. After you’ve picked out your center stone, you can pick any one of their settings. Intense red with excellent saturation is ideal but may increase the price. Finding a hue that calls to you is part of the engagement ring shopping experience.

Ruby Buying And The 4 Cs

Click here to browse a selection of loose rubies and check their prices. The most valuable rubies tend to have medium darkness, i.e. they are not so dark as to appear almost black. Color is one of the most important factors determining ruby quality. Heat-treating rubies is widely accepted in the industry with disclosure due to the improvement in color, clarity, and the fact that it is a permanent, stable treatment. There are three main components to any color; hue, tone, and saturation.

All of the rubies from James Allen have received heat treatment, which is how they can sell such affordable pieces. Rubies have a saturated red tone and are classified as rubies. When the stone exhibits pinkish-red, for example, it is considered a ruby. In general, buying a ruby engagement ring is a fairly simple process. Since clarity isn’t as much of a factor as it is with a diamond, you don’t need to worry too much about inclusions. You can also get a good idea of a ruby’s color just from looking at it in large, well-lit photos.

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The saturation of the red is also graded on a scale from 1-6, with 6 being the optimal saturation of the stone. The most desirable of all colored rubies is the pigeon blood red which has a very vivid red color. Pigeon blood rubies are  rare and valuable as they generally contain no secondary colors. Natural rubies are among the highest priced and most sought-after of all colored gemstones. Flawless rubies that are completely transparent are extremely rare. It is unrealistic to expect a regular buyer to find them online.

How to Buy Ruby Gemstones

Lesser stones may have sharp stars, but the body color is too light or grayish. For ruby, the intensity of the red color is the primary factor in determining value. The ideal stone displays an intense, rich crimson without being too light or too dark. Stones which are too dark and garnety in appearance, or too light in color, are less highly valued. The finest rubies display a color similar to that of a red traffic light.

Rubies can be cleaned in ultrasonic jewelry cleaners as they are quite hard, but it is preferable to clean them by hand using soap, water, and a mild soap. It is important to dry your stone thoroughly after cleaning as leaving water resting on the stone could damage both the setting and the stone. If you’re thinking of buying a ruby engagement ring, check out our infographic below which outlines 5 reasons to choose one. In some cases, inclusions can cause a star-like effect on the ruby.

Ruby Jewelry

Other hues of ruby quality can be orangey red, pinkish red, or purplish red. Rubies from Thailand are thought of as excellent quality ruby as well with their dark red hue. The combo of iron and chromium in the chemical makeup creates the dark red color.

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Outside of Asia, such gems are generally termed pink sapphires. Prices of ruby, like any other gemstone, vary on the basis of their quality which is determined on the basis of color, cut and clarity. Before buying rubies, it is necessary to refer to ruby buying guides and set a budget beforehand.

Corundum starts off as colorless, but when certain chemical impurities come into contact with the corundum, it creates colors. Corundum needs to have chromium introduced to it to become a ruby. On the other hand, if you aren’t sold on ruby jewelry yet, you might want to find out the best place to buy diamond online. They were considered powerful stones that enhanced strength, confidence, and valor. Rubies were once considered to be as valuable as diamonds and often set into royal crowns. Just like with a diamond engagement ring, there’s no best setting for everyone.

How to buy a ruby

Rubies are perfect for engagement and wedding rings, and pair well with diamonds, like this ring setting. Putting gemstones through chemical treatments to enhance color, clarity and to maintain structural integrity is a common practice in the industry. Over 90% of all natural rubies are subjected to heat treatments.