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Besides, startups won’t have to pour money down the drain on wasted hours or overheads. Flexibility in case of upsizing or downsizing the team is another notable benefit of hiring freelance developers for startups. Why spend it assessing dozens of candidates when you could focus on building your business.

How many devs does a startup need?

The above explanation shows that to start at a bare minimum you can have 4-5 people (a project manager, designer, backend or mobile app developer, and tester) in your startup to write software successfully. If you want the process to be faster, you can add 1 or more developers to your team.

Outsourcing developers from other countries might also add points to the knowledge and creativity of your team. For instance, there are countries with brilliant software developers that are even better than their in-house colleagues. You can read about the best countries to outsource developers here. Toptal is more specific on the type of talent, and claims to have the top 3% of freelance software developers for hire. If the process of interviews is too much to handle, it’s recommended for your startup to hire a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This individual comes with a polished skill set for reviewing your potential candidates’ soft skills.

Partnering with an outsourcing company

You can even consider drafting a UX and UI mockup of the application or creating a user journey to know exactly how the audience will interact with the application. This will help you navigate the interview since your perfect candidate should know which technology and framework are fitting for your product. This platform enables freelancers to connect with businesses requiring a wide range of services.

If you look in your local listings you will find recruitment agencies who are ready to find you local hires. They know the area well and will have a pool of potential candidates for you to choose from. Starting a startup is an exciting journey, but it can be a tricky one to navigate. To hire developers on Toptal you’ll need to create an account. finds freelancers FAST, but what’s striking about their resource pool is the talent and sophistication. Being able to see my development budget maximized by the flexible skill set I can call upon makes the investment in services well worth it.

Need to build a nearshore team of world-class developers fast?

It’s all fair game for big companies to tempt developers with perks that are way beyond the capability of budget-tight startups. At the end of the day, you’ll need to match the benefits offered or lose good developers that you’ve brought in after much effort. It’s quite common that startup owners have little or no knowledge of app development. Their job as an entrepreneur is to turn ideas into problem-solving software and not figure out how to do programming. The former conjures up a giant snake for most startup owners, while the latter sounds like a jewelry brand.

find developers for startup

You need to look for — and hire — the best ones to create a strong team. Hire a remote employee through a site like Flexjobs or VirtualVocations. For a subscription fee, you get access to various resumes and the ability to browse candidates based on hard and soft skills and their location. If you’re a startup for whom raising funds is an uphill battle, here are a few recommendations on how you can save costs on hiring software developers. For years, Uptech has been helping startups that are hiring developers for their projects. We have a proven process that guides startup owners through identifying their needs to executing the idea itself.

Step 5 – Verify the expertise

A tech partner maintains the qualification of employees at the highest level and provides training according to technology certifications. The agency provides individual developers or a team depending on your project scope. Salary varies significantly as developers listed may come from anywhere.

This sounds tough, but you can do it if you’re efficient with your time. For example, there’s no need to test a candidate if they have already taken a skills test. Analyze the results, look for the mistakes or drawbacks, and use this opportunity to ask the candidate about it. You should ensure you can make a hiring decision based on the few minutes you had with the candidate. Software development planning is an important part of commencing any new software project. A perfect project plan covers planning, ideation, development, documentation, deployment, launch, and often maintenance.

Do you need a team for a startup?

A team member who specializes in technology and development is crucial to your business's success, especially for tech startups. Although you can hire freelance front-end and back-end engineers, having someone on your internal team take charge of this sector is useful.